A truck I’m working on will have a transmission temperature sensor installed in the trans pan. I could weld or braze the the bung in. The pan is sheet metal and welding will almost certainly put holes in the pan so I’m going to braze it. Brazing is not something I’ve dine much of so I wanted to get a better idea of what was involved and particularly how I should handle bonding the thin sheet metal to the comparatively heavy and thick sensor bung. I went to youtube and was rewarded with this find.

I’m just starting to dig into 897473’s channel. He is an artist so some of what he does (like making earrings) doesn’t interest me but he has a bunch of great info on brazing and I’m betting even more.

He has a website here:

Sage Words on Journaling

Unless I have a burning issue I will start with a topic of current events. The hurricane that devastated the east coast, some little political issue related to the election, or another topic in the news that caught my attention. I briefly describe it (because in three years time most of these things will be lost to your memory or the general public consciousness) and then I give a little thought to my take: What do I THINK about this? How does it malke me FEEL? Is there someone I know who is personally affected by this development?

In this way I find that I don’t have much trouble putting something down and also, in 3, 5, or 10 years you look back and say; ‘Oh, I had fogotten about that (My Y2K posts are hilarious) and also you get a peek at what and how you were thinking through time. Sometimes this part is less than inspiring, but that’s why it is a journal and not a blog.

By DrCodfish at the Fountain Pen Network

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