FBI Entrapment?

I have my misgivings about Glen Greenwald. Sometimes he seems more like an activist than a reporter. However, this seems to fall within the bounds of investigative journalism.

Latest FBI Claim of Disrupted Terror Plot Deserves Much Scrutiny and Skepticism

This is not the first time I have heard of the FBI using these tactics. I am a huge fan of hunting down terrorists down. I believe we should put mad dogs down, but does poking a dog with a stick until he bares his teeth and then shooting him count as protecting us?

If the article is accurate then this practice needs to be stopped not just for reasons of justice and liberty but because it will piss off the people who will be the most likely to know of a threat. If they don’t trust the authorities they wont talk to them. This is not a new thought. It is a fundamental principle of law enforcement.

Way to Stay Classy Toronto

In the BBC’s Toronto Mayor Ford ‘threatened fellow school coach’ Ford has apparently not only used more than just crack, gone on drunken rants about killing people, made crude comments about oral sex at a press conference, and been accused of ordering a jail beating, he is NOW reported to have threatened a teacher and made “players roll in goose droppings.”

He was working as a volunteer school coach and was fired in 2013.

I like the part where he dismisses the documents from the school as “fictitious rumours and allegations.”

Apparently they can’t have him recalled.

Well, if he is re-elected, Toronto will truly have the government they deserve.