#1081 – Bret Weinstein & Heather Heying – The Joe Rogan Experience

A fascinating discussion with two extremely smart people who do not fit neatly into any one category.

The Joe Rogan Experience

Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying are former professors of Evolutionary Biology at Evergreen State College. Watch more of Bret’s work at http://patreon.com/bretweinstein and read Heather’s writing at http://heatherheying.com.

#1175 – Chris Kresser & Dr. Joel Kahn – The Joe Rogan

A well-moderated, in-depth discussion between two experts about the role of saturated fat and cholesterol in the diet and contrasting omnivorous and plant-based diets with the standard American diet.

The Joe Rogan Experience

Chris Kresser, M.S., L.Ac is a globally recognized leader in the fields of ancestral health, Paleo nutrition, and functional and integrative medicine. Dr. Joel Kahn is one of the world’s top cardiologists and believes that plant-based nutrition is the most powerful source of preventative medicine on the planet. https://chriskresser.com/rogan https://drjoelkahn.com/joe-rogan-experience-reference-guide/

Randy Grub: Rocket III

This is a really fun look at the process of creating a custom vehicle from scratch.

Randy Grubb has made a bunch of fascinating custom vehicles. Search for his name and “Blastolene.” He has several great features on Jay Leno’s Garage.

You can also learn more at Randy Grubb’s website www.randygrubb.com.