It Pays to Polarize – ReConsider

This is the episode. It’s not a riveting production but the content is even handed and outstanding. This is a fantastic look at what is being done to manipulate us and why.

It Pays to Polarize


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In response to a listener question about who is and isn’t part of the “tribes” in American politics, Erik does an episode himself on political polarization, pulling directly from his Sound Education talk on political polarization.

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Sunday Special Ep 36: Dave Ramsey – The Ben Shapiro Show

I’m not sure about his long term investing strategies, but if you want to get your basic financial situation under control, Dave’s the man to help you.
Interesting discussion that ranges broadly yet still goes into enough depth to educate.

The Ben Shapiro Show

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Dave Ramsey, finance guru and best selling author of “The Total Money Makeover,” joins Ben to discuss his strategies on succeeding at life and business, the pros and cons of college, and the importance of personal responsibility. Date: 02-03-2019

#1221 – Jonathan Haidt The Joe Rogan Experience

Fantastic, insightful, sensible discussion of the good intentions and terrible ideas plaguing our universities and public discourse. Haidt is always illuminating.

#1221 – Jonathan Haidt

The Joe Rogan Experience

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Jonathan Haidt is a social psychologist and Professor of Ethical Leadership at New York University’s Stern School of Business. He’s also the author of books such as “The Happiness Hypothesis” and “The Coddling of the American Mind”.

A Bishop and a Rabbi Discuss Religion, the Enlightenment, and Finding Meaning The Rubin Report

A bishop, a rabbi, and a talk show host walk into a bar. . . A great discussion about the enlightenment’s etiology and contrasting aspects of Christianity and Judaism.

A Bishop and a Rabbi Discuss Religion, the Enlightenment, and Finding Meaning

The Rubin Report

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Bishop Robert Barron and Rabbi David Wolpe join Dave to have a discussion about religion, the enlightenment, their agreements and disagreements, and more.

#1214 – Lawrence Lessig The Joe Rogan Experience

An interesting discussion of our nation’s corruption. Lessig sounds like a hardcore liberal who is unaware of his bias yet is still a great source of information and seems to strive to serve results over ideology.

The Joe Rogan Experience

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Lawrence Lessig is an academic, attorney, and political activist. He is the Roy L. Furman Professor of Law at Harvard Law School and the former director of the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard University.

Sunday Special Ep 31: Bishop Robert Barron The Ben Shapiro Show

I’d like to discuss his idea of the universal church needing to be governed by the Pope but it was a fascinating and edifying conversation. I learned a lot.

The Ben Shapiro Show

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Bishop Robert Barron joins me to discuss the best response to sex scandals in the Catholic Church, his possible concerns with the rise of Protestantism, and we seek to answer the age-old question: Who gets to go to heaven? Date: 12-16-2018

Craig Frisby & Joshua D. Phillips on Cultural Competence Training: Half Hour of Heterodoxy #41

This is more of a taster than a discussion but it is on point. Critical thinking is so refreshing!

Half Hour of Heterodoxy

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My guests on today’s episode are Craig Frisby and Joshua D. Phillips.

Craig Frisby is co-editor, with William O’Donohue, of a new book, Cultural Competence in Applied Psychology: An Evaluation of Current Status and Future Directions.  The book takes a critical look at what professionals in the fields of clinical psychology, counseling psychology, school psychology refer to as cultural competence, also referred to as cultural sensitivity or multicultural competence. Josh Phillips is the author of a chapter in the book titled The Culture of Poverty: On Individual Choices and Infantilizing Bureaucracies.

Sean Stevens, our research director, has a chapter in the book titled Cultural Competence: A Form of Stereotype Rationality. The chapter is coauthored with Lee Jussim (Rutgers), Lillian Stevens (NYU), and Stephanie Anglin (Carnegie Mellon).

Craig Frisby is a professor in the college of education at the University of Missouri, and author of Meeting the Psychoeducational Needs of Minority Students. Josh Phillips’s background is in rhetoric and communications, and he is author of Homeless: Narratives from the Streets. He’s a professor in the Communication Arts and Sciences department at Penn State Brandywine.


1:07 Multicultural competence is an impressionistic term

7:30 How should students be introduced to cultural competence?

12:18 Josh’s “controversial” research on poverty and homelessness

18:20 Too much attention to race without class

21:30 No attention to individual traits and human universals

27:40 The template of victims and victimizers

32:00 Evidence of student self-censoring unorthodox opinions


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Here is a transcript of Episode 41.

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Race, Nationalism, and Marijuana (Glenn Loury & Matt Ward)

How should gay Christians express their sexuality? David Bennett & Justin Lee – Unbelievable?

This episode will not be likely to interest you if you are not a Christian, or at least participate in a religion.

This is where the discussion needs to start.

How should gay Christians express their sexuality? David Bennett & Justin Lee


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In his new book ‘A War Of Loves’, David Bennett tells his story of being an atheist gay activist who experienced a dramatic conversion to Christianity.

David still identifies as gay but lives a celibate lifestyle, holding to traditional Christian sexual ethics. He engages with Justin Lee, author of ‘Torn: Rescuing the Gospel from the Gay vs Christian debate’, who affirms faithful same-sex relationships.

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121 “On Anti-Racism w/ Glenn Loury, John McWhorter, Coleman Hughes, Thomas Chatterton Williams” – The Fifth Column

This is a highly recommended episode.

I’ve listened to this podcast more than once and will be listening to it again. The participants are wicked smart and articulate. They all hold heterodoxical views from the intersectional/grievance study norms on race, yet hold perspectives that diverge from each other as well. This is what happens when people do their own thinking.

Again, this episode is highly recommended.

121 “On Anti-Racism w/ Glenn Loury, John McWhorter, Coleman Hughes, Thomas Chatterton Williams”

The Fifth Column – Analysis, Commentary, Sedition

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Kmele facilitates a wide-ranging conversation on race, racism, and anti-racism.   With:   Glenn Loury  – Professor of the social sciences and economics at Brown University  – Host, The Glenn Show @   Thomas Chatterton Williams – Author, “Losing My Cool” – Contributing writer @ New York Times Magazine.  – National Fellow at New America, where he’s completing a new book project about ‘being the black father of white-looking children in Paris’.   John McWhorter  – Professor of Linguistics, Philosophy, and Music at Columbia – Host, Slate’s “Lexicon Valley” Podcast – Writes for the Atlantic

Coleman Hughes- Undergraduate Philosophy major at Columbia University, and a columnist at Quillette

Recorded:11/17/2018 Published:  11/22/2018