Kirsten Dunst – Nazi Misogynist

Or some would like you to think. Or more specifically, some would like you to think others think.

For May’s UK Bazaar Kirsten Dunst gave an interview. In it she said some not very shocking things like, “I feel like the feminine has been a little undervalued,” “We all have to get our own jobs and make our own money, but staying at home, nurturing, being the mother, cooking – it’s a valuable thing my mum created” and, “You need a man to be a man and a woman to be a woman.”

Not surprisingly some people did not like these opinions. It is tempting to tease apart the insecurity that inspired the intensity of these responses or the irrational series of thoughts that lead these critics to respond to things that she did not in fact say. However that was not what really struck me when I saw this “story.”

The story is not the interview, the story is the “backlash” and what got me was how ginned up this is. Few people would take exception to Ms. Dunst’s comments. While I personally have no issues with what she said, who cares what a talking head says? What we have are people who are delighted to have someone famous state a position so that they, who are far from famous, have something to decry or defend. These views are collected and put forward as a story by “news” outlets like FOX and NBC.

I suppose people like having something to get worked up about. I just think it is a shame that folks waste time on stupid arguments like this when there is important stuff going on. I think it is revealing when “news” sources cover “stories” like this.


In the States news sucks. It got so bad that someone realized they could make a lot of money by doing exactly what was already there but with a nominally “conservative” perspective. Hardly a solution. Aside from the problems with terms like “liberal” and “conservative” and the way people wave them like a banner above themselves, “conservative” crap is still crap.

So what are we to do? Where are we to go in an effort to educate ourselves about our Republic and the world that surrounds it? The best we have is NPR (No, I’m not impressed either). Fortunately we have the Internet and on the Internet there are much better options than the dung carried on our airwaves.

Below is a list of news programs that I have found educational. I am not interested in having my existing beliefs re-enforced. I do not want to hear about why I am right and “they” are wrong. I ESPECIALLY do not want to hear about why one party is better than another. I want to be informed on what is happening and what different interested parties think about it. The following links will likely be of interest only if the above is true for you too.

From Our Own Correspondent – Link
Global News – Link
HARDtalk – Link
Newshour – Link
NewsPod – Link
Peter Day’s World of Business – Link

Al Jazeera
Empire (May be a special and not a series) – Link
Fault Lines – Link
Inside Story – Link
Inside Story Americas – Link
Inside Story US 2012 – Link
101 East – Link

The BBC stuff is audio only because of the British TV licensing but the Aljazeera is availble in HD, Standard, and Audio Only. The only problem with Al Jazeera’s audio only is that since it is a TV broadcast the subtitles for the non-English speakers can’t be read. I hope you find something helpful or useful there.

Yes, Al Jazeera, and to some extent the BBC, is often anti-American in its bias. Hopefully your knowledge of and love for your country can tolerate someone saying there is something wrong with the US (especially if what they say is true. Then we can try to fix it)

I’m always looking to expand my sources so let me know of the sources you’ve found.