Masahiko Kimura is one of the greatest judoka of all time. The Kimura armbar is named for him after Kimura used it to defeat Helio Gracie in 1951.

Below is a very short (3 minute) documentary on Kimura. It is narrated by Doug Rogers who was Kimura’s first, and perhaps only, western student.

I liked his simple and straight forward discussion of the process.

From the film:

“This is unreasonable, we know that, but it pushes us beyond a physical limit, to another place, way outside or way inside. I don’t know where exactly, but I’ve been there.”

As near as I can tell there are three types of people. Those who have never gone there, those who have, and those who go there repeatedly.

“I was mystic in the beginning, I suppose. Maybe I expected some secret weapon from the East. But there is no mystery about it, as many believe or would like to believe. Good Judo is a matter of hard work and concentration. The best Judo? Well maybe I don’t know yet.”

Thanks to Ross Training for his article about this. He makes some good observations. Be sure to check them out.

D Day – 70th Anniversary


Seventy years ago today 160,000 men commenced Operation Overlord. 9,000 men died but we got our foothold. This is one of the ugliest, saddest, most important, and most glorious events in history. Glorious because, unlike so many other wars, every man fighting was changing the course of history and every man who died did so in aid of it. We can never know what it took to actually do what was done, but the bottom line is they did it. That is what makes a badass, one who does it.

This battle holds a special place in my heart. They were fighting to liberate the conquered and unseat one of the greatest evils of the 20th century. The men in the boats and then in the water and then in the sand. Many who did and died.

It kind of puts the anguish of studying for finals in its proper context.

Black Woman Saves “Nazi”

In 1996, at showdown between a few Ku Klux Klan members demonstrating and pretty much everyone else protesting, a man with an SS tattoo and wearing at least one confederate flag was attacked. It is not clear what his views regarding race and white-supremacy were and they are not relevant. What matters is what he appeared to be to the protesters. He looked like a Klan-supporting neo Nazi. The man was thrown to the ground and people began to kick him.

That is when Keshia Thomas stepped into harms way to protect this man.

She was only 18 at the time.

Talk about someone who had some important stuff well sorted.

I think this picture is really powerful and would like to leave it at that but there is something Ms. Thomas said when interviewed recently that I would like to end with.

“I don’t want to think that this is the best I could ever be. In life you are always striving to do better.”

For more information and some more incredible pictures of this incredible woman check out this BBC Article:

The teenager who saved a man with an SS tattoo

By Catherine Wynne

Well of Death Riders

Yeah, I think I’d do it. But I wouldn’t do anything in there I wouldn’t do on the street. Some of those guys are doing things I wouldn’t attempt on a straight level road much less in the Well of Death.

Great video.

Django Django – WOR from Jim Demuth on Vimeo.

I wonder if those engines have oil starvation issues or if the centrifugal force keeps the oil pickup covered.

This is another great find from Motocorsa.

Sage Words on Journaling

Unless I have a burning issue I will start with a topic of current events. The hurricane that devastated the east coast, some little political issue related to the election, or another topic in the news that caught my attention. I briefly describe it (because in three years time most of these things will be lost to your memory or the general public consciousness) and then I give a little thought to my take: What do I THINK about this? How does it malke me FEEL? Is there someone I know who is personally affected by this development?

In this way I find that I don’t have much trouble putting something down and also, in 3, 5, or 10 years you look back and say; ‘Oh, I had fogotten about that (My Y2K posts are hilarious) and also you get a peek at what and how you were thinking through time. Sometimes this part is less than inspiring, but that’s why it is a journal and not a blog.

By DrCodfish at the Fountain Pen Network

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