An Avoidable Tragedy.

“Texas man kills wife with shotgun blast after incorrectly guessing she was an intruder”

Guessing? Really? You are going to guess whether the person you are about to shoot is a bad guy?

There are four simple rules that everyone can follow and keep everyone safe.

Read about each one and the reason for it here.

He broke the last one.

If you are not sure of your target, you do not shoot. It is that simple.

There are a lot of gray areas on life. This is not one of them.

Trans Pacific Partnership “Liberals” and Libertarians

There really aren’t that many bad people in the world. In fact, most folks want the same things like security and opportunity. Where folks generally diverge is on what constitutes the best way to achieve these things. When “liberals,” or what really should be called a statists, and libertarians are at odds with each other then they most likely are arguing about how to accomplish something. However when statists and libertarians are lining up on the same side then you know they alarmed about where we are going. And that is what we have with the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Barbara Boxer

The Intercept has a great article on Barbara Boxer’s (shown above) attempts to view the document.

“You Can Read My Notes? Not on Your Life!”: Top Democratic Senator Blasts Obama’s TPP Secrecy

There is only one legitimate reason for secrecy and that reason is security. Since there is no security concern connected to the TPP we can reasonably infer that the reason for this document’s secrecy is not legitimate. TPP’s secrecy makes the whole document suspect and certainly not appropriate for fast track authority.

To my Democrat friends, I don’t want to hear about the Republicans in congress. Obama is your man in the White House and he is driving this one hard. To my Republican friends, I don’t want to hear about Obama. There aren’t nearly enough Republicans in the House and senate opposing this (and considering the number of folks who have actually read the document, almost all should be opposed).

This is not a pro-business trade deal, it is a pro-massive-multinational-corporation deal. They don’t need any help. Small business is the largest employer and creator of jobs and they are who we should care about. All they need is a level playing field.

Beretta Shotguns

This is a fun artisanal hype piece for Beretta’s high-end shotguns.

Wait until you see the Holland and Holland video!

Thanks to George Hill, the Mad Ogre, for sharing the video!

Blaming Snowden

James Clapper is claiming that terrorists are studying Snowden’s NSA leaks and becoming more proficient and difficult to monitor but David Kravets in Wired writes:

“Clapper is not the most credible source on Snowden and the NSA leaks. Snowden’s very first leak last June had the side-effect of revealing that Clapper had mislead the public and Congress about NSA spying.”

I agree that Clapper is less than credible, but even if in this case he is accurate I would point out that Clapper is (perhaps willingly?) missing the point in his claims. Yes, terrorists may indeed be learning from the leaks but to hold Snowden alone responsible for all this presumes that there were no precipitating events leading to the leaks. The intelligence system is malfunctioning. Just look at the terrorist watchlist:

The above information was obtained by The Intercept. The graphic above supports the assertion in the article made by David Gomez, a former senior FBI special agent, that the system is “revving out of control.”

Snowden’s decision to disclose his information did not form in a vacuum. Rather than trying to find the terrorists to monitor, we are monitoring everyone to see if they are a terrorist. This is a symptom of our malfunctioning intelligence apparatus. Clapper wants to blame Snowden for the leaks but if the apparatus was functioning correctly we would not see these kinds of leaks and so, neither would the terrorists.



Masahiko Kimura is one of the greatest judoka of all time. The Kimura armbar is named for him after Kimura used it to defeat Helio Gracie in 1951.

Below is a very short (3 minute) documentary on Kimura. It is narrated by Doug Rogers who was Kimura’s first, and perhaps only, western student.

I liked his simple and straight forward discussion of the process.

From the film:

“This is unreasonable, we know that, but it pushes us beyond a physical limit, to another place, way outside or way inside. I don’t know where exactly, but I’ve been there.”

As near as I can tell there are three types of people. Those who have never gone there, those who have, and those who go there repeatedly.

“I was mystic in the beginning, I suppose. Maybe I expected some secret weapon from the East. But there is no mystery about it, as many believe or would like to believe. Good Judo is a matter of hard work and concentration. The best Judo? Well maybe I don’t know yet.”

Thanks to Ross Training for his article about this. He makes some good observations. Be sure to check them out.

D Day – 70th Anniversary


Seventy years ago today 160,000 men commenced Operation Overlord. 9,000 men died but we got our foothold. This is one of the ugliest, saddest, most important, and most glorious events in history. Glorious because, unlike so many other wars, every man fighting was changing the course of history and every man who died did so in aid of it. We can never know what it took to actually do what was done, but the bottom line is they did it. That is what makes a badass, one who does it.

This battle holds a special place in my heart. They were fighting to liberate the conquered and unseat one of the greatest evils of the 20th century. The men in the boats and then in the water and then in the sand. Many who did and died.

It kind of puts the anguish of studying for finals in its proper context.

How we really treat people

I think this is a great illustration of what we do with people. It is extreme with “celebrities” but I see it with regular people. We treat and discuss people as constructs and what they represent but not as people (I say “we” because I do it to). This video shows it clearly.

Sure they wanted the athlete to stay in NY but when the athlete becomes a person they change their tune.

I’m pretty impressed with what I’ve been seeing from Jimmy Fallon.

HUGE Highway Explosions

If you drive, you need to watch this video.

If you see something like this happen, do NOT stick around to shoot a video.

Those are high pressure gas cylinders. They are made out of very heavy steel. That is what is exploding. The shrapnel are huge chunks of that heavy steel. You can see it clearly around 2:20 when they really start going of.

Also note the flying cylinders. You know how in movies they fake things to make them more impressive? That’s not necessary here. High pressure cylinders with a rupture, even when filled with inert gas, will literally fly. But they fly unpredictably. They may fly straight they may not, but whatever they hit they will demolish.

All in all that could have been much worse, especially with all the stupid rubberneckers.