Ep. 630 – Did The Kavanaugh Allegations Just Implode? The Ben Shapiro Show

From a decidedly conservative perspective, a reasonably evenhanded assessment of the current state of affairs.
I wouldn’t normally post a podcast about news but thought this was worth it.

The Ben Shapiro Show

We take a look at all the breaking news on the Kavanaugh allegations, the media humiliate themselves, and we take a look at the funniest story of the year! Date: 10-03-2018

Rogue One

I got to see Rogue One last night.

It was a solid movie. Rogue One was interesting, well paced, well written, acted, and directed, and had sympathetic characters. It did not blow my mind, I’m not going to buy it on Blue Ray but I also don’t want those two hours of my life back.

There is some footage from the original Star Wars sprinkled through the movie and I thought that was fun. However, I have mixed feelings about some of the CGI “actors.”

If you like Star Wars at all you will like Rogue One. That said, it is pretty violent with many fire-fights. I’m not sure how old I’d want my kids to be before letting them see it.

If you listen, the movie asks an important question, “What are you willing to face annihilation for only a chance at success?”