Randy Grub: Rocket III

This is a really fun look at the process of creating a custom vehicle from scratch.

Randy Grubb has made a bunch of fascinating custom vehicles. Search for his name and “Blastolene.” He has several great features on Jay Leno’s Garage.

You can also learn more at Randy Grubb’s website www.randygrubb.com.

How Differentials Work (And what they are)

When I was a kid I asked my dad what the big thing connecting the two rear wheels of a pick up truck was (You know, the bit with a bulge in the middle). He told me it was the differential. He said it was a thing that let the rear wheels turn at different speeds. I did not think to ask why that was important but the idea was intriguing. How could a mechanism letting two different shafts turn at different speeds work?

It was not until I was well into trade school that I got more than a glimmer of understanding as to what exactly enabled the different speeds. Even opened up and seeing it work, differentials don’t make much sense. If I had seen this video I would have understood when I was a kid!

I love the old school instructional videos. This one does a good job covering all the bases. The video has a long intro. If you get bored skip to 1:50.

Ducati Variable Valve Timing

This video is pretty neat. The potential for variable valve timing on a motorcycle is huge. The cam timing events for best power vary widely as RPM increases and with how high even the Ducati twins run, this could very well make an enormous difference in increasing the area under the curve AND having a docile streetable bike around town.