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There are some great lists out there of US products but I wanted one I could reference that was organized the way I wanted. I also don’t want to restrict origins to just the US. The point for me is to cast my consumer votes for thing made in places, ways, and by people I want to support from materials I trust. This is about supporting places that treat workers well and aren’t under governments hostile to my country. This means Italy, Israel, and Ukraine would be perfectly fair game for the list.

I also include places that may sell some but not all American made products. For example, Filson makes the fantastic, all-American, Makinaw Cruiser but they also sell shirts made in East Asia. To make this clear I use the following legend.

  • (A) All products are American made
  • (M) Most products are American made
  • (S) Some products are American made


  • (S) Filson
    • You just have to watch. Some items are made in the US. Some are made in the US from imported materials but some of the imported materials are made in places like Scotland.
    • Rugged outdoor clothing and gear as well as consumer based garbage. Great warranty but decidedly overpriced. However, somethings, like the Tin Cruiser, you buy once and cry once.
    • Also check eBay.
  • (A) Round House
    • Work wear
    • Their prices seem roughly comparable to Carhartt and Dickies. Have not used any of their products but imagine they are of similar quality to Carhartt and Dickies.
  • (M) Triple Aught Design
    • Almost everything is made State-side and all is made very carefully. Some of the materials are sourced globally but they are committed to quality.
    • Tactical and outdoor clothing and gear for both men and women


  • (A) Norton’s U.S.A.
    • A uniquely American general store”
      • Selling only American made goods!
    • They sell a large variety of goods. They shipped some silicone spatulas across the country for $6 with no issues. Will buy from them again.

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