Hitchens vs Hitchens debate on War and God – podcast special Unbelievable?

An interesting debate between Christopher Hitchens and his brother Paul. Paul does a medium job. Hitch is a powerful orator but, with respect to God in particular, he rarely says something. Hitch blithely dances atop his unexamined presuppositions.

It is interesting to hear their different perspectives on the Iraq war.


In this podcast special edition of the show Justin broadcasts the 2008 public debate between Christopher Hitchens and his brother Peter Hitchens. Christopher Hitchens (1949-2011) was one of the four so-called ‘horsemen of the new atheism’, well known for his colourful anti-theistic polemical writing and speaking. In contrast his journalist brother Peter Hitchens is a Christian who converted from atheism in his adult years. In this classic public debate from 2008, hosted by the Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies at Grand Valley State University, both men debate the Iraq war, the case for God and respond to questions from the 1,400 strong audience. For the Hauenstein Center: https://www.gvsu.edu/hc/

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