The Gospel of Powerlessness

Gospel -> Good News
Powerlessness -> Lacking the authority or capacity to act.

Cicle of Interest Influence Control

I have great news for you! You have no power!! I have even better news! No one else has power either!!

If you find yourself speaking to our current president, President Obama, and you are talking to him about The Issue (The Issue is a topic that has impact on people and that only President Obama has power over the outcome) that is a big deal. Let’s say you have the “correct” perspective on The Issue but the president does not. Since you are speaking with THE president you have the opportunity to actually change something. If the president will just not listen to reason it will be frustrating. This has real consequences and the president is not being reasonable!! The Issue is within the president’s circle of control and, for the moment, the president is within your circle of influence. There is a lot riding on that interaction.

Contrast that with a discussion between you and an acquaintance on The Issue. While your acquaintance is within your circle of influence, neither of you have any influence or control over The Issue.

This is good news!! The outcome of that interaction has no importance and will not change what happens with The Issue. Therefore, there is nothing to lose! You have then only an opportunity to share an experience, see if you can learn from the other person, and see if you can communicate your ideas. It is an opportunity to explore The Issue and exercise your brain. And because no one has power, nothing bad will happen if the other person’s perspective remains unchanged.

A word about communication. Communication means that the concept in your head is constructed in the other person’s head. It does not mean that the other person agrees with that concept once it is there.

Good News!! You have no power! The pressure is off!

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