Tiananmen Square Massacre 23rd Anniversary

Today marks twenty three years since the massacre of peaceful protesters who wanted nothing more than a say in their country’s affairs. It was a protest started when people laid wreaths on the Monument to Fallen Heroes in Tiananmen Square. Today the monument is roped off and guarded by soldiers. The people are no longer allowed to honor their fallen for fear that they might again express their desire to be more than subjects of the Communist Dynasty.

I have lived in China and have come to love the Chinese people dearly. I feel a deep and quiet rage when I think of how they are used and abused by a government that has gone far beyond guanxi in its corruption.

Below are pictures that I took of what I believe is the only monument to the slaughter of June 4th in China. The Monument is in Hong Kong.

And finally, here is a picture of a synopsis of the events that lead up to the massacre. Click on the image and you will be able to view it full sized where it will be fairly legible.

No, the old cannot kill the young forever and any student of Chinese history will know that the government is only a part of China but that China has never been the government. The Party is perilously close to losing the Mandate.

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