The U.N. – Oxford Union debate

The Oxford Union was founded in 1823 and is a famous platform for debate. The merits of a given motion are debated and then a vote is taken.

The motion: This House Believes the United Nations is a Failing Institution.

Eight speakers with strong arguments on either side.

I’m not a fan of the U.N. but it was fun and educational to hear about people’s argument’s in favor of it, as well as brutal criticisms. Saudi Arabia being on the U.N. human rights council would be one of them. Does that seem right to you?

Ammunition and house fires

How dangerous is ammunition in a house fire? Guns use ammunition to go BOOM. Wouldn’t a round or worse, a pallet load, of ammunition do the same when heated long enough?

Apparently not. In this video question of ammunition safety and volatility is FULLY examined.

It is important to note that a gun with a round in the chamber in a fire will fire as if the trigger were pulled if it gets hot enough.

Why isn’t ammunition more volatile? Because smokeless powder used in modern ammunition is not an explosive. Smokeless powder is a propellant and it burns, it does not detonate.

It was striking how hard it was to get ammunition to misbehave.

Randy Grub: Rocket III

This is a really fun look at the process of creating a custom vehicle from scratch.

Randy Grubb has made a bunch of fascinating custom vehicles. Search for his name and “Blastolene.” He has several great features on Jay Leno’s Garage.

You can also learn more at Randy Grubb’s website